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About Company

ENNE provides a modern lifestyle that emphasizes the quality of living and working spaces. Developing new products at the junction of design, architecture and art with an attitude of poetic simplicity infused with a tint of contemporary luxury constitutes the ultimate attitude of the brand. ENNE exhibits a unique collection of high-end furniture and accessories that is suitable for everyone that seeks a modern and elegant styling. Creating innovative luxury furniture and concepts in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers is ENNE’s essence since 1999. ENNE believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics to stir the emotions. ENNE has been bold, open-minded and certain of the advantage of combining craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial production techniques to create unique luxury collections.




Enne Kuwait

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+965 6632 3384