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About Company

A strategic-level business services group composed of highly experienced professionals coming from diverse backgrounds, ranging from top-level security domains, contractual services, law enforcement, information technology, signage, real Estate/brokerage, and professional training services. At KSS, visions of tomorrow are transformed into realities today, and this is what we enjoy doing, through sound leadership, hard work, dedication, and innovative products and services. This statement sums up KSS – Kuwait Support Services Company – vision and purpose for existence. We have quite a few reputed partnerships to our credit, and we take pride in providing tailor-made, cutting-edge integrated solutions and services that help our clients reduce costs, decrease risks, and maximize performance. Established in 2004, KSS is a leading, multiservice, multidimensional Kuwaiti company with business interests in trading, manufacturing, engineering, consulting, and contracting with a proven presence with Kuwaiti government organizations, petroleum entities, and other GCC countries via channel relations.
Since its inception, KSS has consistently provided quality services by associating itself with the world’s leading companies to bring a diverse range of innovative products and services that meet the needs of private businesses, governmental entities, and security agencies. We design, calculate, draw, produce, and construct steel structures for facility-buildings, such as distribution halls, stadiums, offices, hotels, and petrochemical facilities. We often introduce unique food products in our local markets to remain diversified – We consult businesses and governments for end-to-end security analysis with Securelink UAE – We also represent the world’s best oil and gas leak detection, Flare reducer, and Steam Monitor called The Sniffers B.V. – In the past, we were involved with world’s number one predictive weather system called DTN-Telvent that was installed for Kuwait Airports – We have also been a partner of ODSecurity Netherland for SORTOR RS –– NEC Japan is closely working with MOI Kuwait for public security – And, we had also introduced Handheld ink jet printers from EBS Ink-Jet Systeme Germany – All in all, last but not the last, Nuance USA implementing Automated Speaker Identification for Kuwaiti Law Enforcement agencies, is a KSS partner. In the coming days, KSS will be building a completely integrated artificially intelligent traffic management system for the Traffic Department through its Romanian partner, SYSWINSOLUTIONS . With AWAL-PLASTICS Bahrain as our joint venture partner, we are in the process of participating in a Multimillion-Kuwaiti Dinar signage contract for New Kuwait Airport. KSS develops intelligent partnerships helping businesses to establish and channelize in Kuwait, participating in emerging Kuwaiti Market and government development initiatives.



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Kuwait Support Services Co.

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P.O.Box:660 Safat - 13007, Kuwait